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At NetCullis we deliver a professional, honest and intelligent approach to IT management & support. In an ever changing technological landscape we and our services are constantly evolving to deliver solutions that ensure your business runs even more effectively, no matter your budget.

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Our Service

Constantly adapting to innovations in technology our client focused services offer proactive support to a broad and diverse range of clients. Our monitoring software allowing us to work away in the background ensuring that our clients systems are working to their optimum.

With over 50 years' experience combined the Netcullis team specialise in working with small-to-medium enterprise businesses we deliver solutions perfectly tailored to your needs.

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Our mission is providing client focussed IT management and support, taking pride in being approachable and plain speaking

Although use of technology is an everyday occurance the almost symbiotic relationship we have with it is in large part because it just works. We often don't need or even want to know the whys and wherefores of how things work, only that they do.

Our friendly and knowledgable team take pride in being easy to talk to, working with our clients to solve any problem without lots of jargon, 'Nerd' speak or unnecessary technical information. Instead the NetCullis team works to implement a solution that not only fixes the issue at hand but minimises the possibility of it re-occuring and ultimately get the client back up and running.

We're always quick to react to any issues be they hardware or software in origin. As a progressive company we're always adapting and embracing new technology we feel benefits our client, especially if those benefits reduce costs and improve security.

Tell us about how we can help your business

Netcullis By the numbers

  • 50+ Years Experience

    We have a wealth of experience, but with technology forever changing we're constantly learning too

  • 1000's of Hours Saved

    Our proactive approach has saved clients from hours of unexpected downtime over the past 8 years

  • 100's of Satisfied Clients

    Our clients happiness is the most important metric we have for measuring our success

Based in Yorkshire, creating happy clients across the United Kingdom

As an accountancy practise it is imperative that we have a proactively maintained computer system with a key focus on security.

Netcullis have provided us with piece of mind since 2011, they have been both effective and expedient. Their customer service is quite excellent. In short they offer us a fantastic service tailored to our individual needs.

 Happy Client Since 2011

I've always found Rob and the team at Netcullis so easy to deal with. They talk to me in no nonsense jargon and are careful spending my money.

We have just opened new Suzuki & Mitsubishi businesses in York, it was a big job but not too big for them. They always arrive when they say they will and provide emergency support quickly. I can't recommend them enough.

 Tony Denton MD @ Batchelors Motor Group

When I received an invitation to write a review for Netcullis, our long standing IT provider, my first reaction was "I haven't heard from Netcullis for a long time", and if you think about it that‘s exactly what you want!

Netcullis' approach is to pre-empt problems and fixing things before they actually break. They constantly monitor our systems for issues that may occur and put plans into place before they do.

 Happy Client Since 2013

To have a conversation about how we can help your business call 01765 538 733, or view our services for more info

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